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With over 7 million hits a month, and over a million readers every month, iPodlounge is without a doubt the internets most popular iPod related content website. AAIServ is proud to include iPodlounge.com in our portfolio. We have designed, developed, and implemented multiple features for the site, including the iTunes Charts.
A small charming restaurant in beautiful southern Georgia. Built to be easy to maintain yet very customizable.
Full data-driven website developed for local southern Connecticut band. Features full control panel which allows the user to easily add/maintain website content, without the knowledge of HTML
#PHP on DALnet
The DALnet #PHP support channel extends its knowledge of PHP to anyone who stops by, looking for support. AAIServ competed in the design competition which was hosted by the channel, and our design was chosen as the official design of their website.
Hillard Bloom Shellfish, Inc.
Based out of Southern Connecticut, Hillard Bloom Shellfish, Inc. has been supplying oysters from the Long Island Sound for three generations. Requiring a simple, professional, informative website, Hillard Bloom Shellfish chose AAIServ to design and developed their new company website.
A Square Deal Builder, Inc.
Based out of Southern Connecticut, A Square Deal Builder, Inc. required a simple company profile website, which AAIServ was happy to deliver.
Of course at AAIServ, we cary the responsibility of designing all of our sister websites. And we feel that we have delivered, time and time again. From the design you are looking at right now, to that of 3Cube Computers, and AustinA, Inc., AAIServ.com has managed to continuously come up with inventive and fresh designs for all of our sites.
Faculty Lounge
This southern connecticut band turned to AAIServ to design their website. Requiring the need to update the content on the website themselves, without the knowledge of HTML, AAIServ delivered to them a more primitive version of what is now our most attractive feature: a complete, easy to use, content control panel.
Minus The Fact
A talented connecticut punk band, Minus The Fact approached AAIServ with the need for a website in which they could express themselves, and got a website which they could fully control, without any programming knowledge.

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